Other Projects and Resources

I've spent a lot of time in researching the Myth Protocol and to find out how other implementations using the protocol to access a MythTV backend.
The following list contains some projects and resources I've found during my work.

Other Projects

Other Projects implementing or using the MythTV Protocol.

Frontends and Players

User Interfaces for Mobile Devices


  • libmyth-java
    An an API to access the MythTV ecosystem. It provides low-level communication protocol implementations that are easily extensible as MythTV development continues.
    It also provides higher-level APIs for simpler access to the logical functions of MythTV.
    See: Homepage | Source Code
  • MythtvJ
    Provides an high-level API written in Java to access a mythbackend using the mythtvprotocol and the MySQL database backend.
    See: Homepage | Source Code
  • JMythTV
    A Java 2 based implementation of the PHP MythWeb project with standalone reusable communication library for MythTV versions 0.17 and higher.
    See: Homepage | Source Code
  • libcmyth
    A lightweight C client library provided by mvpmc, which is also used by XBMC.
    See: Source Code
  • GMyth
    GMyth is a library to access MythTV backend services. It is designed to have few dependencies and is written in ANSI C and GObject. The project also provides a library sample use with a Mythtv Frontend UI for Linux based Mobile devices like Nokia 770.
    See: Homepage | Source Code
  • Adam Sampson - misccode
    Some code written by Adam Sampson to access or work with MythTV
    See: Homepage | Source Code
  • mythtv.py
    A pure python MythTV library written by Philip Ward.
    See: Source Code
  • ruby-mythtv
    A Ruby implementation of the MythTV Backend protocol.
    See: Source Code


  • GStreamer MythTV Plugin
    mythtvsrc - Control and receive data as a client over the network via raw socket connections using the MythTV protocol.
    See: Homepage | Source Code
  • MythTV-Browser
    A TV-Browser plugin to control a MythTV-backend. This project uses the jMythAPI.
    See: Homepage | Source Code

Official MythTV Bindings

Other Resources

  • www.mythtv.org - Myth Protocol
    See: Wiki
  • miffteevee.co.uk - MythTV Network Protocol
    See: Homepage